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Therapy Ayurveda is the largest ISO 9001:2008 certified chain of Ayurvedic wellness centres operating in India , South Africa and Canada . All Therapy Ayurveda centres have a doctor, therapists and a pharmacy offering treatments for sexual problems, weight loss, hair loss, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, back pain, migraine, psoriasis, rheumatism, spondylitis and all other chronic ailments. If wanting to become young in appearance and body is what one is seeking then Therapy Ayurveda's age-halting and rejuvenating therapies is what is strongly recommended. Therapy Ayurveda's rejuvenation therapies are rated among the best in the world. Rejuvenating therapies like Sensory Bliss, Soundarya Vardhini,Body, Mind and Soul, Aromatherapies and Ayurvedic facials varying from 60 minutes to 150 minutes are synchronised massages performed by two or sometimes three highly trained therapists, all of whom have a diploma in panchakarma therapies.

Here are some feedbacks from customers who have experienced therapies and treatments at Therapy Ayurveda:

"I was undergoing treatment for pain in the neck and lower back. The doctor's guidance on treatment and the care, specialisation and the skills of the therapists has helped me recover 100% and am very satisfied with the experience at Ayurcare." - Sangeeta Mahendran

"I used to have neck pain occasionally. During the course of the treatment over 16 days it has not even appeared once. The therapists were found to be with good training and professional. I will definitely recommend Ayurcare to my friends." - N.K.Kabra

" It's really good. To tell the truth, I felt like a princess / queen having a bath in milk...It was a marvellous experience. Good for the summer." - Hemalatha

" Great sequence of therapies. The aromatherapy massage was bliss. They really worked on the joints. The thakradhara was a novel experience. Very cooling for the hot summer. The combination of herbs is very purifying. Great summer package." - Shikha Nahar Murray

" It was such a heavenly experience. I've never felt like this in my 34 years of life. Every small detail has been thought of and great care taken to make one feel no less than a queen. Almost spiritual... the whole place transfers the soul into a completely different world. And no exaggeration here. The massage per se is anything beyond words." - Major V. Sangeeta

”I have taken many massages across the world but I must say that this at Ayurcare would figure in the top 5. ” – Gerard Dsouza

”The best massage I ever had in India .” - Ortrud

”My first time and it was excellent. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and it was much better than anything I would have expected. ” – Max Reuby, London

”This experience is 'Saiko' means 'excellent' in Japanese. I feel everyone should go through this at least once in their lifetime.” - Kobayashi Kana

”Out of this world! A must at least twice a month to get rid of all the stress. I will strongly recommend rejuvenation to everyone I know. Time to pamper your body, not through beauty clinics, but with traditional Ayurvedic treatments.” - Kanthi Kiran Thamma

”Have done massages in several countries such as, Malaysia , Thailand , Indonesia , but this is an excellent experience.” - Kenneth Ramlakhan

”This is heavenly. I've only had Swedish massage and this style is much better, as it involves the whole body, (not just isolated muscle systems) also the ambience, music, table, two persons working simultaneously, the oil, steam bath and bath after the therapy.” - Cheryl Kolander.

”Refreshing, excellent! Lot of words to explain...just a person needs to experience” – Biswadeep Banerjee

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